A. O. Smith
and Master Lock
contribute to
Sherman Park's
strong business



Interstate Forging
and Eaton Corporation
are among more than
300 businesses
located in the
Sherman Park area

Flanking the eastern perimeter of the Sherman Park area is a vibrant industrial corridor that includes more than 300 businesses. Providing secure employment for over 10,000 people, companies within this area vary in size from startup operations to internationally known giants such as Eaton Corporation, A. 0. Smith, and Interstate Forging.  Interspersed among these massive enterprises are small and midsized companies that deliver quality products and vital services on both a local and regional basis.

Metropolitan Milwaukee, and particularly the Sherman Park area, have long been noted for an abundant supply of skilled craftsmen and a conscientious labor force. 

A variety of trade and technical training programs produce able employees strongly imbued with a solid work ethic.  Wage earners with 20, 30 - even 40 years of experience with the same employer - are more generally the rule than the exception.

For these and other reasons, firms tend to stay put in Sherman Park's industrial corridor.  High profile leaders in their field such as Harley-Davidson and Miller Brewing Company have called the area home since the days of horse-drawn streetcars.  Another corporate landmark is Master Lock which consistently and generously supports projects that benefit the Sherman Park community. 

Steeltech, Inc., the largest minority-owned, recently created company in the nation, is situated within this industrial corridor, as is the service center for Wisconsin Electric Power Company, the state's biggest utility.  Rounding out the corporate mix is M & I Northern Bank, a major commercial institution, plus a host of other banks and savings and loans that cater to Sherman Park’s residential and business financial needs.

Physical amenities include Soo Railroad line freight service and ready access to interstate highways and the city's freeway system.

A number of area businesses of all sizes have banded together to form the Industrial Corridor Corporation (ICC). This nonprofit, tax exempt organization represents the interests of its members to local and state governments, to community agencies responsible for development and employment training and, increasingly, to residents of the Sherman Park area as well. 

Part of the ICCs mission is the development of an area industrial plan.  The organization's specific business retention and attraction projects focus on available industrial space, the superior quality of the Sherman Park work force, and acquiring public sector incentives.  This unique industrial corridor has been designated by both the City of Milwaukee and State of Wisconsin as a Development Zone, qualifying eligible businesses for Wisconsin Corporate Income Tax Credits.

Although its "product" is medical services rather than industrial output, St. Joseph’s Hospital is also a sizable employer in the Sherman Park neighborhood.  One of greater Milwaukee's largest and most distinguished medical facilities, St. Joseph's provides employment for over 2,600 full-time and part-time staff members.  In addition, the acute care facility contributes substantially to the area’s economy as a user of goods and services, enhancing the overall vitality of the Sherman Park vicinity.

Another strong contributor to the industrial health of the vicinity is the Sherman Park Community Association, a membership of individuals, businesses, and families.  For decades this proactive organization has included in its mission the attraction and retention of companies of all sizes and types.  Besides economic development, the association is also committed to housing preservation, education, mass transit, and neighborhood safety.
Collective efforts on such a united front ensure a hospitable industrial climate and a bright employment future for Sherman Park.